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Christmas Gifts For The Apple II Fan

Happy Holidays everyone! As I write this, it's the day after Christmas. I was fairly busy and could not devote a lot of time to a game this month. However, there is always Apple II news floating around, so here are some gift ideas for you Apple II fans, courtesy of A2-Central.com (http://www.a2central.com). Yes, it's a little late but these gifts can be given for birthday presents or even for Christmas of next year.

Apple II history book announced:


As a history fan, I have loved reading the Apple II history site Apple II History (apple2history.org). Now the owner / creator of the site, Dr. Steven Weyhrich, is taking his site (and other information) into print format. Please read the A2-Central site for more info on the project.

Activision releases "Lost Treasures of Infocom" for IOS


I've written about text adventures occasionally in RTM. For those without access to an Apple II computer or emulator, here's a chance to PLAY some old text adventures on your IOS device. I'm curious how the games are setup as text adventures require a lot of typing. The iPhone screen is small so that may be difficult though I can see the iPad working out better.

See you next month!