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Top 10 Of 2012

This is a yearly tradition that I have done on my soon-to-be-defunct website vgmastersclub.com which I will now post here as well as my new blog hagensalley.wordpress.com/.

For the typical gamer my year-in Top 10 Games lists are always a bit controversial as I don’t rate a lot of the popular game franchises like others do. That being said, the readers of RTM should appreciate the list due to the retro-esque feel.

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Street Fighter X Mega Man

Street Fighter X Mega Man (PC - Capcom)
Capcom finally releases a new 8-Bit Mega Man game that incorporates the world of Street Fighter into an amalgam of nostalgic goodness and it is panned by fans worldwide? Consider me baffled as Street Fighter X Mega Man is a fun little FREE PC game that Capcom put out just for the fans. Yes, the controls are slightly off in certain aspects and the difficulty and level length is variable, but this is a fan project and was released by a major company for FREE. Any game that puts a smile on my face is worth my time and Street Fighter X Mega Man is a fun experience to be had and worthy of the initial entry into the list at #10.



Soulless (Commodore 64 - Psytronik Games)
Reviewed by me in the historic Issue 100 of RTM Soulless is a unique platformer released on the never-aging Commodore 64. Soulless essentially limits you with no attacks which requires you to master the controls and learn the ins and outs of the level/enemy patterns brought before you. The music is some of that classic C64 synth and is extremely catchy and completes a very solid gaming package.



Assimilate (Nintendo Entertainment System - Nessylum Games)
Assimilate is an addicting, seemingly arcade-style game that has you taking the role of alien invaders anal-probing your way to victory! Basically it is your goal in each level to perform various actions to the people of earth in order to fill your assimilation meter which allows you to complete the level. The humor in the game goes back to the 80s era and there are tons of subtle references. The addition of boss battles in the game is a pleasant surprise that keeps the game from getting stale, breaking Assimilate into tangible pieces.


Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Nintendo 3DS - Nintendo)
The Paper Mario series is part of the Mario RPG series of games that takes the world of Mario and breaks everything down to essentially a child’s coloring book. As most of you are, I was very leary of the Sticker collecting aspect of the game as they are the only way you can attack or heal. Needless to say the abundancy of stickers throughout the land never leaves you without a means for execution. The game is not difficult by any means, especially due to the fact that you do not level up in the traditional sense. Regardless, Paper Mario Sticker Star was one of the few current-gen games that kept me engaged in 2012.



Nomolos (Nintendo Entertainment System - Gradual Games)
Another new 8-bit IP released on the NES in 2012, Nomolos is a classic platformer with aspirations of Castlevania. While Nomolos does not quite achieve perfection per say, the controls are tight enough to be engaging. The upgrading of weaponry keeps things fresh and increases the strategic aspects.


The Walking Dead Game

The Walking Dead Game (PS3/Xbox 360/PC - Telltale Games)
To say Telltale Games has a knack for creating engrossing experiences would be a severe understatement. The Walking Dead Game has its own storyline that exists in the same world as that of the comic books and creates characters that you genuinely care about. The action sequences are pulse inducing and it is no wonder why it has been listed on many lists as the 2012 Game of the Year.


New Super Mario Bros U

New Super Mario Bros U (Nintendo Wii U - Nintendo)
The first Super Mario Bros. game to be released with a console since the Nintendo 64,
New Super Mario Bros. U follows the “New” series formula to a “T” while bringing the series
gracefully into high definition. The game itself is standard Mario fare and doesn’t stray from
that formula whatsoever. Is that a bad thing? Absolutely not! The controls are spot on, there
are numerous secrets and warp zones, and there are extra “difficult” modes that keep even the
most skilled gamers busy attempting to shave seconds off their time. If anything this is a very
“complete” Mario experience.


Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment

Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment (Nintendo Entertainment System - Sivak Games)
Released at the tail-end of 2012, Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment is the sequel to the everpopular Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril which helped reignite the retro-homebrew programming scene, or at least brought it more into the mainstream. Battle Kid 2 doesn’t stray far from the formula that made the original so fun to play. It keeps the difficulty coming while offering improvements such as a death counter as well as new powers that offer new ways to progress through the frequent traps.



Fez (Xbox Live Arcade - Polytron)
Offering a brand new platforming experience, Fez is truly a remarkable game. You rotate the seemingly 2D gaming world on a 3D axis that allows for unique puzzles and makes you think outside the box. Just like Battle Kid 2 above, Fez had multiple delays due to only being programmed by one individual, however I am a very patient gamer and I say the end product was well worth the wait in both cases!



Streemerz (Nintendo Entertainment System - Faux Game Co.)
Streemerz is a game that popped up on my radar right when it was released in ROM form by the creator. Based on the Action 52 game of the same name, it takes the gameplay mechanics and improves on it in every imaginable way! The controls are perfect and the use of checkpoints keeps the frustration level to a minimum. Streemerz offers a multitude of modes that allow of an insane amount of replayability, especially on a 25+ year old gaming system. Out of all of the legacy system game releases of 2012, Streemerz is the only one that wasn’t released in a physical form. Hopefully in 2013 we will see a NES CIB release!