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I’ll leave the readers of RTM something to ponder on over the Christmas holiday. The question is, why are there so many classic gamers located in the Midwest? This is just something I have picked up on through my years of playing and collecting video games. In fact, Ohio seems to put out quite a large number of prolific classic gamers, such as Tom Zjaba (who started Retrogaming Times) and Alan Hewston (who took over the magazine after Tom). Interestingly enough, I am from Southwestern Pennsylvania, not far from the Ohio border, and knew a number of classic gaming enthusiasts that did live in Ohio (such as Keith Bergman who was writing for RTM for a while and was going to swing by my house to pick up some TI-99/4A items I had stashed away in my basement). It’s something to think about, maybe there’s just something in the air/water there that makes people become addicted to these old games. Heck, even Twin Galaxies was started in Iowa.

Out of curiosity, I conducted a little poll over on the RTM Forums and did find that even with the small sample that the Midwest won out. Once word of the forums spread and we get more registered members, I’ll have to pose the question again to see what the results are with a larger sample. So take a look around and see if you notice more Midwesterners among our ranks than people from other locales, especially take note of Ohio. In case you’re curious, the Northwest got the least votes.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Be sure to stop by our forums (http://www.retrogamingtimes.com/forum/YaBB.pl) before you leave and join in the conversation. Now you no longer have to wait once a month for RTM, you can get your retrogaming fill every day.