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Perler Mania!

There is something that my wife recently got me into and that is perler or melty beads. What are perler beads? Well, they are plastic fusible beads that can be placed on a solid plastic-backed peg array to form designs and then melted together with a clothes iron; alternatively, they can be strung into necklaces or bracelets, or woven into keychains. Fusible beads come in many colors and degrees of transparency/opacity, including varieties that glow in the dark or have internal glitter; peg boards come in various shapes and several geometric patterns. (That’s enough Wikipedia for one article…)

Anyhow, you might be thinking, “How does that apply to retro game collecting?” Well the answer is simple…

Ninja Perler

These awesome little contraptions lend themselves perfectly to creating 8-bit masterpieces! This is where things get crazy, as there are tons and tons of sprites that I would love to have. An entire sprite doesn’t take too long to create, but you need to make sure you have enough of the proper colors. I recommend getting extra black, white and peach as almost every sprite I have done uses those three colors. You can also do more complex sprites but those require off colors, such as multiple shades of blue, and I have avoided them so far. So keeping this in mind, what type of perler beads would you want to have adding awesomeness to your collection? Post in the comments section or over in the RTM forums and let’s talk!

Here are a few of the 8-Bit perlers I have recently done…

Some more of my perlers

Contra Perler