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The king is back in town

A powerful warrior King, tired of constant battle and the smell of blood declares peace on the land he rules ... But his generals crave war and plan to overthrow him. Enlisting the help of an evil wizard the King is cursed using unholy magic. His human body is twisted and deformed into a beastly form, his human soul is stolen! Locked away in a tomb the cursed King is all but forgotten while an unending war rages on for a thousand years ... Until one day a great quake shakes the land and smashes the wall of the Tomb holding the beast. Now he is free and is determined to reclaim his human soul and once again bring peace to the land.

From Georg 'Endurion' Rottensteiner, the maker of the smash hit C64 release Joe Gunn comes Soulless - a new arcade-adventure game for the Commodore 64 featuring stunningly detailed graphics by Trevor 'Smila' Storey! Soulless takes you on an epic quest around a huge exquisitely detailed map packed with objects to search and monsters to avoid as you desperately try to find your human soul.

Gameplay, Graphics and Sound
Exploration at its finest is what Soulless is all about. You control the King where you must escape your cell into a tomb and search for relics in order free your soul. Controls are limited as you can move left and right, jump with the button and up and down do tasks. Pressing up scans items for treasure which is reminiscent of Impossible Mission. Pressing down on certain obelisks will allow you to mark a checkpoint which is essential if you die during your quest. Apparently there are lives hidden around the world which are difficult to obtain, however necessary as you will need every life you can get. Jumping can be a little tricky to nail down when you first begin playing, however after a few minutes I had no trouble nailing the trickier jumps. Evasion from enemies and traps is your only option and I really would have liked to be able to at least earn some kind of attack eventually. Just getting revenge on all the enemies after dodging them for so long would have been bittersweet.

And when the king is back there ain't no foolin' around

The graphics are crisp and well put together. Everything flows together nicely and you really get the feeling that you are rummaging through an old tomb. There is just a certain life that is brought to the world that shows that a lot of care was put into designing every aspect of the game. The music in Soulless is what is truly extraordinary! The Commodore 64 is known for some of the most amazing music in the 8-Bit era and Soulless takes that ball and runs with it.
Every song is catchy and I can still hear the first level theme going in my head.

Why It's a Classic
While I do feel that if the King in Soulless had some kind of unlockable attack then this game would be perfect. However, it also would have taken away from some of the charm that it brings. Exploration due to limitation is what is brought to the table and it is executed nicely. The graphics and music are 8-Bit mastery and I can’t wait to play this game again when I fire up my Commodore 64.

Rating = 4 Caged Souls of 5

Caged SoulCaged SoulCaged SoulCaged Soul

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